Cisco Technologies & Coding

Want to learn how to build innovative and dynamic applications using Cisco products?

Cisco has a wide range of useful products and services for three levels (or markets) to which Cisco will market and sell: for corporations and enterprise level, for small businesses that are home-based or start-ups, and for homes or individuals.

Corporate Products & Services

Cisco’s products and services for Corporate or Enterprise level markets are, in almost every way, bigger: bigger hardware, bigger software, bigger networking, and bigger price tags. They include:

Enterprise Networks: Services for corporate-level networking include management, simplification, security, and location-based wired and wireless networks. Products include wired and wireless routers, switches, controllers, and software.

Corporate Analytics: Services for corporate-level data and analytics includes analysis, cloud-storage, and data processing tools. Products include data virtualization, condensing, and cloud sharing software.

Collaboration: Services for corporate-level Collaboration includes cost management, issue identification and resolution, user experience (internal and external) optimization for conferencing, customer care, and endpoints. Products include technology for voice, video, phone and mobile applications as well as cloud and task-specific software.

Data Center & Virtualization: Services corporate-level Data Center and Virtualization solutions includes infrastructure for application deployment, onsite expert visitation, cloud management, and analytics reporting. Products include network switches and virtual networking software, computer storage hardware, and security software.

Small Business Products & Services

Cisco’s products and services for the Small Business level are for businesses that aren’t as big as larger corporations, including home businesses and startups. It can also include larger businesses that do not need Corporate-level Cisco systems. They include:

Networking & Internet: Services includes technical support for products. Products include switches, routers, and wireless access points for small networks as well as general internet access.

Security solutions: Services include security and surveillance for email, internet, networks, endpoints, and cloud software. Products includes firewalls and service engines.

Phones & Video: Services include VoIP, SPA and SIP phone systems. Products includes the phones themselves as well as video conference cameras and supporting software.

Wireless: These products include Wi-Fi access points controllers.

Home Products & Services

Cisco’s products and services for the Home-level market refers to individual people who are casual or self-employed as well as families who require networking services for their home. “Home” in this sense can mean a house or an apartment. They include services and products for home-based networking, internet, cloud software, video, and security for PC and mobile devices.