The Cisco Live! is an independent education and training event held by and for IT professionals from all over the world to learn about how they can use Cisco’s various technology products and services. Cisco Live! in Milan is the biggest event of this nature in Europe for Cisco users, experts and partners. It includes more than 400 panels, keynote speakers from Cisco experts, and top technology partners in the industry.

It also has the DevNet Hackathon, which is part-training session and part-coding competition among Cisco system trainees. Teams are assembled and then trained on various Cisco technology products and services, and are then pitted against each other to see who can develop the best web, mobile or desktop apps.

As the organizers of the Hackathon, we firmly believe that innovation in technology comes from our community of users and their cooperation with each other and with us. We are always seeking out new ideas and new partners to work with us among local developers and businesses in Italy. Participation in our training and competition sessions is free! They run overnight however, so you will need to bring your computer and sleeping bag, and probably some energy drinks.